The role of technology in daily life has skyrocketed over the last decade, with Facebook, Twitter, Uber, and so on. However, one aspect of how technology has altered our daily life is its role in the professional arena, specifically in the legal field. The role of technology within the legal profession becomes more profound with every passing year, but unfortunately lawyers and law firms sometimes fall behind on adopting the new trends.


Recently, the Florida Supreme Court approved a rule that required state lawyers to attend continuing legal education (CLE) courses that are specifically technology-related. The rule change will go into effect Jan. 1, 2017, and it will require lawyers admitted to the Florida Bar to take a minimum of three hours of technology-related CLE courses during a three-year cycle.


Since CLE requirements vary from state to state (with some states having no requirement, like Maryland), it will likely be some time before the majority of jurisdictions follow the lead of Florida and require technology-related CLE attendance.


Regardless of when or if a jurisdiction instructs its legal professionals to learn about technology, it is vital that those in the profession that feel behind start to be proactive in bridging that gap on their own. The updating of technology will not only benefit the attorney on a personal level, but translate to a better business and even possibly make the client happier.


An attorney that decides to leap into the sphere of social media may be overwhelmed at first, possibly even regret it at first, but like with anything else, practice makes perfect. Through the use of social media, the attorney can build upon the network they already have, both within the profession and their prospective client pool. An increase in prospective clients will hopefully mean the business sees a positive return, making the decision to try new technology the right one.


Beyond the social network building, new technology can help the lawyer’s business by making him or her more efficient. If what normally took two hours to complete can now be done in an hour and a half or even possibly an hour because of the upgrade in technology, then that leaves more time for the attorney to spend on other matters. The attorney could even use that additional time to interact with clients, making the client feel more connected and trusting of the attorney. And ultimately, when the client is happy, the attorney is happy.


So to those attorneys that are hesitant to take the plunge into incorporating new and updated technology in their practices, know that every day that passes is a day wasted, and with technology changing so rapidly it could take two days to catch up on one day lost.


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