Restructuring & Bankruptcy

Our restructuring service helps our corporate clients
achieve goals that may seem beyond their reach.

Restructuring & Turnarounds

Every corporation requires restructuring at some point in its life cycle.  A restructuring can seem overwhelming, irrespective of the size or age of the company. Corporate restructuring generally falls into one of three categories: financial, operational, or portfolio restructuring.  Each type of restructuring has benefits and hurdles, we can help guide through the legal process of restructuring your business.

Corporate restructuring often occurs at crucial stages of growth for an enterprise in transition. Understanding the corporate life cycle, and the needs of a company during restructuring involves a multi-disciplinary practice that brings together corporate law, governance, tax, and finance.

The end goal of restructuring can be to reduce costs, change business processes or models, reduce debt, or restructure the equity of the corporation.  Whatever the goal, the process involves issues that require careful deliberation.  We have the experience to help our clients in the restructuring process.

Debt Workouts

Many corporations utilize debt financing to fuel growth.  During difficult economic times, or in case of a downturn in a corporation’s life cycle, a company may not be able to meet its debt obligations.

A workout is a process where the creditors and the company decide on a mutually negotiated alternative to a judicial bankruptcy.  This process often involves the understanding of the law, finance, tax, and corporate governance.

Debt workouts are often preferable by both corporate debtors and their creditors because they ensure a mutually beneficial outcome that keeps the process private and out of the purview of the courts.  It also has the benefit of ensuring the continued growth of the corporate debtor and avoiding bankruptcy.


Businesses are impacted significantly when their customers fail to satisfy their financial obligations in a timely manner. If you are having difficulty collecting money or believe a debtor has filed for bankruptcy, you should seek the advice of an experienced creditors’ rights attorney. We recognize the importance of resolving disputes between creditors and debtors in a timely, cost-effective manner. These cases vary greatly depending on whether the creditor is secured or unsecured, and the nature of the financial obligation. We apply a thorough, detail-oriented approach to each case to determine the best course of action; exploring the legal options available while protecting your legal and financial interests.


If a debtor has filed for bankruptcy, our firm can help you file the necessary documents, such as the proof of claim, obtain relief from the automatic stay, file a complaint objecting to the discharge or exempting a debt from discharge, object to plans and negotiate a settlement with the debtor.