Dispute Resolution

The Gohari Legal Group understands that going to court is not always the best or most efficient option for a client. We are prepared to take any route necessary to achieve the greatest outcome for our clients, which may require the use of alternative dispute resolution tactics.

Business Litigation

The Gohari Legal Group’s Business Litigation practice has substantial experience handling a variety of business-related litigation matters, from the simple to the complex, including disputes involving contracts, business torts, indemnity, commercial leases, financial discovery and judgment collection, corporate governance and dissolution, commercial foreclosures, trade secret infringement, vendor relationships, and fiduciary relationships. These matters often have an insurance coverage, construction, or tort liability component, allowing us to draw upon the strength of our other practice groups.

We adeptly tailor our services to the unique needs of each client, whether a corporation or an individual in business. In working with clients, we handle matters at the time a problem arises, in anticipation of litigation, and through trial and appeal. We work closely with clients to develop and implement efficient and cost-effective strategies into every matter. Our compelling advocacy goes beyond conventional legal analysis. We distill complicated information in order to communicate clearly and effectively to the judge, jury, or opposing counsel.

The Gohari Legal Group target client’s objectives at the earliest stage of litigation to ensure that our efforts are properly and efficiently focused on achieving the desired outcome. Our reputation and longevity of our client relationships have been built on aggressive, thorough and ethical representation based on the highest professional standards. This approach has earned the respect of our peers, clients and adversaries.

We are prepared to litigate these matters in Maryland State and Federal courts, in administrative proceedings or in alternative dispute resolution forums. We are committed to finding the right solution for the client through litigation or alternative dispute resolution. Our firm is results-oriented and dedicated to achieving our clients’ goals efficiently and decisively. This approach fosters continuity, efficiency, and responsiveness, with a constant focus on containing costs and achieving results.

We understand each client’s business; study the industry nuances and each client’s position in the market. We can demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of industry specific laws and the unique aspects of particular fields such as healthcare, retail, finance and real estate.

By combining sophisticated legal representation with the commitment to service and the cost efficiencies of a smaller firm, The Gohari Legal Group is an effective alternative to the large national law firm.

The Gohari Legal Group services referrals from its existing clients and corporate counsel, as well as from other law firms that require specialized litigation counsel.

Litigation In A Nutshell

  • Filing of an initial pleading (complaint) and response (answer)

  • File Motions (requests that a judge do something)

  • Discovery (depositions and interrogatories)

  • Pretrial Conferences

  • Trial

  • Judgment

  • Appeals

Commercial Litigation

The Gohari Legal Group focuses on managing corporate risks and furthering the client’s strategic business objectives. With these key principles in mind, we work on solving the litigation problem in the most advantageous and efficient manner. Our unwillingness to let litigation get too complicated separates us from our competitors. We are aggressive, creative, and relentless in accomplishing our goals and tasks for our clients.

We defend local, regional and national corporations, insurance companies and other business and professional entities involved in complex commercial disputes. We are focused on creating legal strategies that quickly resolve disputes while protecting and promoting our commercial clients’ goals, interests and objectives.

We understand that our clients are not in the business of litigation. Commercial disputes can threaten a company’s financial position, as well as its business reputation and stability. While the firm is experienced in trial litigation, it is our focus to avoid litigation by negotiating settlements and employing alternative dispute resolution methods, including mediation and arbitration.

When conflicts cannot be resolved through settlement or alternative dispute resolution methods and litigation becomes necessary, The Gohari Legal Group is prepared to aggressively defend clients at all stages of the state and federal trial and appellate court processes.

How Can We Help

  • Pre-Litigation Counseling and Risk Assessment

  • Contract Disputes

  • Business Torts

    Including: Breach of Fiduciary Duty, Fraud, Conspiracy, aiding and abetting liability and misappropriation of confidential and trade secret information.

  • Internal Investigations

    Including: Financial Accounting and Reporting, Fraud and Foreign Corrupt Practices Act violations

  • International Disputes

  • Partnership Disputes

  • Securities Litigation

  • Trademark and Copyright Infingement

  • Lender Liability

  • Employment Matters

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)

Litigation can be a costly and protracted process. More clients are turning to the expedience and predictability that comes with ADR. This method of dispute resolution is often mandated by contract. However, it is also useful to address complex issues that may not be suitable to the judicial process.

The Gohari Legal Group brings the same zealous advocacy skills to arbitration mediation and other forms of ADR that we apply to trials and appeals. In increasing numbers, employers, health care organizations and other businesses utilize arbitration as an alternative to traditional court litigation to resolve their disputes. The Firm’s depth of experience as advocates serves our clients well in these ADR forums. Arbitration may become as simple or as intricate as necessary to address the issues at hand, and The Gohari Legal Group is equipped to handle any range of complexity.

We also advise clients on the management of risk through the drafting of arbitration agreements, including the selection of the administering organization and the arbitrator, arbitration rules, choice of law, venue and jurisdiction.

In addition to serving as experienced advocates in arbitration proceedings, The Gohari Legal Group has a wealth of experience in mediation. While some may consider mediation to be a perfunctory step on the road to trial, we view mediation as a special opportunity to achieve any number of critical objectives in our clients’ best interests. We treat each mediation as an effective tool to obtain valuable information and key insights into an opponent’s case, including its relative strengths and weaknesses. Like a thoroughly crafted opening statement, we believe that a thoughtfully-prepared, well-organized and powerful mediation presentation can persuade even the most recalcitrant opponent to view its case in a different light and, ultimately, facilitate the resolution of the most difficult case.

We serve clients in arbitration proceedings ranging from one-day to extended sessions stretching over many months. Like litigation, the arbitration may be high-exposure and high-stakes or small-to-medium sized disputes. In any matter, we apply our skill and experience to fit the circumstances and address our client’s needs.

We prepare for mediation in much the same way as we do for an opening statement in an arbitration, trial or major court hearing on a case dispositive motion; through detailed factual, legal and thematic preparation, accompanied by the use of powerpoint presentations, timelines, graphs, charts and other demonstrative aids as necessary and appropriate. The Gohari Legal Group uses the mediation opening statement and the mediation process as a whole as a unique opportunity to deliver a strong and carefully crafted message directly to opposing counsel and their clients. We believe that mediation requires a distinct skill set and approach and, through meticulous preparation for and attendance of countless mediations, The Gohari Legal Group has developed time-tested experience and a finely honed approach.

The Alternatives

  • Mediation

  • Arbitration

  • Neutral Evaluation

  • Settlement Conference

Collection Actions

Collection actions are governed by the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) and state laws that have been enacted to protect consumers and businesses. If you are attempting to collect a debt from an individual or business, it is important that you engage a competent attorney to assist you to ensure that you do not unknowingly violate these laws.

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