Estate Planning

The Gohari Legal Group possess strong, diversified experience in estate planning, estate and trust administration, and are capable of serving individuals regardless of whether they come to us for estate planning or as beneficiaries.

Our estates practice covers a wide range of planning, from more modest estates to larger, more complex estates. We prepare an array of documents including “basic” wills, power of attorney and living wills (advance directives).


The Gohari Legal Group regularly employs the following fundamental tools when developing and implementing both simple and complex estate plans for clients.

WILLS are regularly used to specify funeral arrangements, nominate guardians for minor children and to direct the final disposition of the assets in the testator’s probate estate.

FINANCIAL POWERS OF ATTORNEY, whether immediately effective or springing, a financial power of attorney appoints an agent and authorizes him or her, acting in a fiduciary capacity, to exercise certain powers of the assets of the principal.

ADVANCE DIRECTIVE FOR HEALTHCARE combines the following features: a healthcare power of attorney that appoints an agent and authorizes him or her to make certain healthcare decisions for the principal during periods of incapacity; a living will that provides instructions regarding treatment preferences; and nominations of potential legal guardians.

NON-PROBATE CONTRACTUAL ARRANGEMENTS, where certain assets may be transferred to beneficiaries without the involvement of the probate court through the use of the following contractual arrangements: financial contracts, including insurances policies, annuities and retirement plans; formal account designations, such as pay-on-death (POD) designations on cash accounts and transfer-on-death (TOD) designations on asset accounts; and real property deeds creating joint tenancies with rights of survivorship.

How Can We Help

  • Will Creation or Modification

  • Power of Attorney Documentation

  • Healthcare Directives

  • Contractual Arrangements


The Gohari Legal Group has the expertise and experience to guide almost any individual through the process of anticipating and planning his or her personal needs in the event of incapacitation and for the ultimate disposition of his or her assets. We represent a wide array of clients, ranging from those with minimal assets and basic planning needs to those with substantial and complex assets and circumstances requiring sophisticated tax, asset-protection and business-succession planning. We carefully tailor each estate plan based on the unique needs and desires of the client and on the ever-changing landscape of our legal and tax environment, and we regularly coordinate our planning and implementation efforts with the client’s accountant, investment advisors and insurance professionals.

What To Consider

  • Estate Tax Planning

  • Income Tax Planning

  • Asset Planning

  • Liability Protection

  • Waste Avoidance

  • Incentivizing Responsible Behavior

  • Preservation of Special Assets

Estate Guidance

We additionally provide advice and guidance to executors, trustees and guardians who administer fiduciary funds, and the beneficiaries of such funds. We assist with the probate process, preparation and filing of all necessary forms, inventories and tax returns (estate, inheritance, gift and income taxes) and prepare fiduciary accounts for the settlement of estates and trusts in an informal setting, as well as with formal court audits.

What We Can Do

  • Preparation and Filing of Probate Petitions

  • Provision of Legal Advice and Opinion

  • Identify and Notify Creditors, Heirs and Beneficiaries

  • Assist in the Distribution of Estate Assets

Estate Litigation

The Gohari Legal Group is well-versed in all aspects of litigation involving decedent’s estates, guardianship for minors or incapacitated persons and trusts. We can handle audit proceedings (to approve formal accounts), will contests, surcharge actions and suits to obtain guardianship.

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