Corporate Law

The Gohari Legal Group provides corporate law services that range from entity formation to mergers to complex litigation – and everything in between. We have a keen ability to balance our client’s interests, budget and objectives throughout the course of any legal matter.

Angel Investment & Venture Capital

Our emerging corporate clients receive a full spectrum of corporate counsel. Our unique approach to startup company law ensures that our elite group of startup clients work with a dedicated, early-stage attorney, rather than competing with large transactions for their attorney’s attention.

Emerging technology clients choose The Gohari Legal Group because they need top-tier counsel, but cannot wait days for that counsel to respond to emails.

Our integration of leading-edge technology, a lower overhead platform and a broad international network of attorneys ensures the delivery of full service, efficient legal counsel that is scaled appropriately to each client. The Gohari Legal Group’s network of attorneys connects clients to every legal specialty needed in their business cycle: from technology transactions and SaaS to patents and trademarks to niche specialties like open source and data privacy. We are able to impartially connect clients with attorneys that are the best fit for their needs and budget, whether it be at a large firm, boutique, or solo practice.

From formation and seed financing, through strategic technology partnerships and joint ventures, to high-stakes exit transactions, The Gohari Legal Group’s flexible, scalable model has redefined the delivery of “full service” law in the emerging technology space.

Emerging Growth Companies

  • Early Stage Financial Planning

  • Capital & Debt Advisory

  • Reg D Offerings

  • JOBS Act Offerings

M & A and Private Equity

The Gohari Legal Group represents domestic and international companies, founders, management groups and private equity firms in sophisticated mergers, stock or asset sales, leveraged buyouts, spinouts, and divestitures, across a broad range of industries.

We maintain a close working relationship with a network of specialist attorneys which we call upon as needed to assemble a team customized for any particular transaction.

Our focus mirrors the goals of our clients, to provide advice, counsel and unrelenting service in order for our clients to quickly and efficiently proceed to closing.

The Gohari Legal Group has extensive experience closing all types of merger and acquisition transactions on behalf of our clients, including asset acquisitions or dispositions, mergers, stock purchases and sales, corporate restructurings, spin-offs and other creatively-structured business transactions.

We provide experienced, creative legal advice to assist our clients in achieving their business and legal objectives. Instead of creating unnecessary obstacles to the closing of a transaction, we strive to facilitate the closing of transactions by providing practical, informed legal advice with our client’s business and legal goals at the forefront.

On many occasions, merger and acquisition transactions raise complex tax structuring considerations. In those instances, The Gohari Legal Group will coordinate with the appropriate outside counsel to ensure that our clients reap the benefit of the most tax-efficient transaction structure.

Following the closing of a merger and acquisition transaction, there may be a transition period in which the purchaser and the seller continue to have obligations to each other with respect to the transaction. This time period can be fraught with peril, but The Gohari Legal Group has the legal acumen to ensure that our clients overcome and navigate the potential legal risks and pitfalls of such transition periods. We believe that our work is not complete at closing and strive to ensure that our firm’s clients fulfill their legal obligations, such as earn-outs, employment agreements and post-closing restrictive covenants.

By their nature, merger and acquisition transactions can be challenging and uncertain for any client, but The Gohari Legal Group strives to overcome the challenges and eliminate the uncertainty with respect to merger and acquisition transactions with the singular focus of achieving our client’s business and legal goals in the most efficient manner possible.

Key Phases of M & A Transactions

  • Due Diligence

  • Integration Planning

  • Integration Execution

  • Project Management

  • Change Management


In order to address the capital needs of our clients enjoying expansion, we provide assistance in the negotiating and obtaining of bank financing. Additionally, we aid our clients in working with venture capital firms and angel investors, as well as establishing joint ventures and making private placement offerings. We assist our clients in key aspects of financial transactions, such as retaining control over company management, limiting liability with respect to personal guarantees, requiring disclosure of critical information, and maintaining confidential information.

The firm represents borrowers and lenders, including banks, individuals and other financial institutions, in connection with various types of financing transactions, including security agreements, construction and real estate financing, credit-based lending, term loans, and lines of credit, private placements, seed, angel, and venture capital, and project finance.

What Can We Help With

  • Asset Based Lending

  • Capital Market Transactions

  • Credit Facilities

  • Mezzanine Financing

  • Non-Performing Loans

  • Debt Restructuring and Workouts

  • Private Lending Transactions

  • Securitizations

Risk Management

In today’s legal and regulatory environment, there are many compliance and risk management issues corporations face. These matters involve affected corporate customers or shareholders and potential damages or fines beyond the ability of a company to pay.  The risks may include a threat to a brand or national image and an economic risk far beyond the value of the individual case.

The Gohari Legal Group has the ability and experience to identify the corporate and regulatory risks and develop a strategy to mitigate or rectify the problem. We thrive on delivering a plan for dealing with the implicit/potential future implications. Managing risk is at the core of our past work.

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